Oculus Rift / Oculus Touch

"AniCast®" is VR anime tool with Oculus Rift and Oculus Touch. You can move animated 3DCG characters intuitively without expensive equipment or studios for motion capture.

In the VR space, you can construct the environment, act as a character, and capture movies.With VR technology, you can shoot movies same way as using a camera for live action film. Making anime film used to require a lot of time and labor. With AniCast even an individual can create anime movies intuitively in a short time. Unlike existing motion capture systems, AniCast does not need space nor expensive devices, so AniCast user can make anime movies or live stream at their home by themself.

AniCast® Users

・Shinonome Megu

©️UTATTE ONPUKKO♪/©️Gugenka®️


・Kaguya Luna

©︎Kaguya Luna ※Live only









©'12,'18 SANRIO


・Virtual Johnny's Project




AniCast Lab. Official Site

Unite Tokyo 2018「AniCast!東雲めぐちゃんの魔法ができるまで」

生配信を支えるVRアニメ制作ツール「AniCast®️」- CGWORLD.JP